Winter Cat Dog Sweater Knitted Soft Colorful Stripe Hooded Sweater


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Cat Dog Sweater Knitted Soft Colorful Stripe Hooded Sweater

?Made of wool with good elasticity, feels soft and comfortable.
?Double stitch makes the sweater firmer.
?Hooded design, keeps your pet warm and it's very cute.
?Bright color makes your dog looks more energetic.


Material: Wool
Color: Pink / Blue
Size: XXS / XS / S / M

Please check the size before you place an order.

Size Fits Neck Fits Chest Back Length Sleeve Length   
XXS 20cm(7.90inch) 26cm(10.2inch) 20cm(7.87inch) 4.0cm(1.57inch)  
XS 22cm(8.70inch) 29cm(11.4inch) 24cm(9.40inch) 4.5cm(1.77inch)  
S 26cm(10.2inch) 36cm(14.2inch) 29cm(11.4inch) 5.0cm(1.97inch)  
M 29cm(11.4inch) 40cm(15.7inch) 31cm(12.2inch) 5.5cm(2.20inch)  


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 Package Includes:

1 x Pet Colorful Stripe Hooded Sweater 



Color Pink Size XS, Color Pink Size XXS, Color Blue Size XS, Size M Color Pink, Size M Color Blue, Size S Color Pink, Size S Color Blue, Size XXS Color Blue


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